High Technology Advances Cellulite And Body Fat Reduction

If you are a post-pubertal woman, then you have a 9 out of 10 chance of experiencing body cellulite problems. The dimples of cellulite and fat all over the body pose a lifestyle and exercise challenge that can maintain anyone’s ideal body shape. Some 21st century high-tech science solutions are gaining traction. You can now choose between minimally invasive, low-impact treatments that take advantage of the energizing properties of proven, traditional or mild cosmetic surgery options.

You are no longer ‘trapped’ in a pointless battle with family ancestry, diet, lifestyle, and the reality of insufficient free time, all of which get in the way of your bodybuilding needs and body image goals.

How Cellulite Is Different From Regular Body Fat. When you are considering reducing cellulite and body fat, such as from a fat belly or fat thigh area, you should understand how these cells differ and what this means in terms of treatment options.

Cellulite dimpling reflects the fibrous matrix that binds to the protein “wrapper” or connective tissue around your leg fat. Increased hormones and decreased blood circulation also mess with the increase in cellulite in your body.

It is this outer cellular “sheath” that poses a significant barrier to traditional body fat treatments such as liposuction. Fat cells share a “fat” component, but lack this fibrous outer membrane, therefore conventional fat cells are generally responsive to a variety of treatment techniques from non-surgical to surgical.

Appears Low Impact Cellulite Reduction Treatment – Without Surgery. Exhilarating body contouring results are created by medical treatment devices that utilize radio frequency or infrared light energy, combined with the mechanical action of a rolling massage, in an attack on cellulite buildup under your skin. Body response? Basically, your body is tricked into an inflammatory response.

This is the science and theory behind the growing set of results. Carefully calibrated non-invasive light energy heats your underlying cellulite (sub dermal) cells. These heat-elevated leg fat cells, for example, become responsive to parallel rolling massage movements. Results? Blood circulation, and drainage increases… the collagen, fat, and connective tissue that make up the “sheath” of cellulite are also damaged. This is a body contouring and skin tightening and not a visible scalpel.

Cellulite – What Liposuction Can’t Treat. Liposuction may be the most popular body contouring treatment worldwide, but even technological options like tumescent liposuction are not reliable for treating cellulite buildup. The best strategy at this time to get a flat stomach, reduce thigh fat, reduce the waist and love handles is still traditional abdominoplasty or tummy tuck combined with liposuction. Your board-certified surgeon can physically “harvest” the accumulated fat cells, reduce sagging and sagging skin, and more so that you can literally turn back time and move towards more body image alternating with your self-image.

Please learn more about high-tech and traditional cellulite and body fat treatments, how to decide which treatment best suits your body image goals, how to choose the best surgeon, costs and more from these resource links.


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