Building Your Empire From the Ground Up – The Essential MBA

It may be the hardest thing in the world to make ends meet. And when you don’t even have a degree, it becomes a thousand times harder unless you have the looks to become a Hollywood actress, the non-conformist brains to become an unorthodox self made millionaire, or the right set of progenitors to ensure you a healthy inheritance when it’s their time to feel the scythe. Many of us are not so fortunate, hence we have to take that difficult climb up the mountain of success that has many stumbling blocks that are worse than any avalanches or moments of supreme frostbite that beset any real mountaineers. And it’s not surprise that many fall by the wayside.

Many also realize that having a degree usually doesn’t even cut it either. Many of those who hold bachelors degrees in office settings usually end up as pawns of the higher ups, without fulfilling duties or any sort of independence. Universitas Swasta di Bandung And those who live this way and refuse to adapt usually end up retiring this way-with a lot of employee of the month awards but with a life that’s filled with shades of regret for all that could have been.

And for those who just won’t settle for that kind of life there is one last refuge-the MBA degree. Many students, even those who graduated from arts courses, have found themselves immersed in study for their MBA degree not only because of the fun and challenges it presents but because of the it can mean the difference between peanuts and a large figure salary. It may not be a sure-fire way to get to the top but when you have the wings, all you need to do is flap real hard.

The break neck pace of the courses, as well as the difficult nature of the subject matter guarantees that this isn’t going to be a cakewalk. Someone who graduated with a course like Political Science or Comparative Literature would probably need to take a few remedial classes before attempting to run through standardized tests like the GMAT, much less proceed into a top-tier MBA program. And when the richest men in the world like Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch swear by it, the technical know-how you get from getting an MBA degree is definitely worth your while.


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