Harnessing the power of technology toward a digital age

“You will be capable to have a cell phone in your pocket in long run,” read the April 18, 1963 headline of the Mansfield, Ohio News Journal write-up showcasing an impression of a female holding up the pocket-sized wi-fi telephone, which folks will someday carry with them. 

The modern day cell cellular phone did not strike the business market right up until the 1980s, but the thought of a pocket cellular phone experienced been circulating for a long time. In 1926, Nicola Tesla predicted people would a single day be capable to connect immediately with every single other working with gadgets that in good shape inside of a vest pocket. 

Now, there are all over 6.648 billion smartphone (evolved versions of the hand-held units) buyers in the environment, this means about 83.72% of the world’s populace owns a smartphone. From pocket-sized interaction equipment to smartphones, the geostationary satellite to vacuum cleaners, the submarine to digital truth, the cloud to synthetic intelligence, systems that would have been thought of science fiction a couple a long time in the past are at this time at our disposal. 

The technological revolution is radically reworking our societies. Particular technological enhancements have grow to be so ubiquitous that we can hardly visualize a time when we bought together without them. 

Technological advances like journey-sharing apps have modified how we get from place A to point B, while cell monetary products and services (MFS) have redefined our social ordeals all around executing financial transactions. 

The previous ten years has witnessed the emergence of many other significant tech traits, these types of as food delivery platforms and music streaming solutions, proficiently improving upon all aspects of our social, financial, and cultural lives. 

Irrespective of the continual developments in Science, Technological know-how, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), the lookup for new forms of state-of-the-art technology carries on. Scientists, engineers, and sharp minds are introducing groundbreaking technology at a continual rate, ranging from everyday devices to high-tech industrial novelties. Technological innovation is slowly climbing to a pinnacle point, acting as a progress accelerator factor, spreading to every single corner of our planet. 

In Bangladesh, the persistent unfold of networks, sensors, artificial intelligence, automation, and engineering in common, is driving a revolution towards obtaining the country’s eyesight of becoming ‘Digital Bangladesh.’ With more than 12 crore cell subscribers and 4.3 core world wide web subscribers, the state enjoys the fruits of digitisation. The principal goal is to make additional services accessible at the doorsteps of people with improved digitisation wherever feasible. 

We are by now glimpsing the development of obtainable electronic solutions with regards to registration for admission to instructional establishments, publication of evaluation success, selection of formal varieties, on the web submission of tax returns etcetera. These days, we have SMS companies for lodging grievances to law enforcement stations, on-line invoice payments, telemedicine products and services, video clip conferencing products and services for treatment options, and a lot of other e-solutions even in the rural places of the region. 

Aside from, the inception of on-line banking devices and MFS have sped up and eased economical activities for everybody. In addition, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic even more amplified the scope of electronic technologies in Bangladesh with machine finding out, synthetic intelligence, the Net of Things (IoT), and huge details. 

This advancement and adoption in the fields of technology have assisted the persons in Bangladesh to raise productivity, inclusivity of services, and boost the all round quality of existence. Technology is bringing equality to goods and companies and minimizing socioeconomic gaps amongst societies and people today. Embracing engineering has made learning far more interactive, supplied superior obtain to resources, and expanded the boundaries of several restrictions. Improved meaningful connectivity implies shared human development and a far better future for us all. 

On the other hand, irrespective of the growing technological penetration, a lot more attempts are necessary to leverage technological know-how for monetary and electronic inclusion. Specific, knowledgeable motion is essential to deal with the desires of the unconnected and the boundaries they experience to accessing digital technologies. Important hurdles like electronic expertise, accessibility, pertinent information and solutions, and protection fears really should be acknowledged and acted on. 

Tactics also will need to factor in the structural troubles underpinning disparities in adoption and use. In get to make a sustainable and significant change, we need to commence doing the job at the basic stage, commencing with education and learning. For instance, incorporating STEM in training can give folks capabilities that make them extra employable and completely ready to satisfy the current digital demand from customers. 

STEM is at the heart of Bangladesh’s innovation, prosperity, and global competitiveness. Encompassing the total selection of experiences and expertise, every STEM component provides a worthwhile contribution to a effectively-rounded education. As a result, integrating and investing in STEM education can steer us in the appropriate route of a engineering-fueled foreseeable future.

Likewise, when it arrives to increasing digital penetration, technological know-how performs a critical position in making certain safety and basic safety. Technologies will help with info loss prevention, hardware authentication and gives a detailed intrusion avoidance procedure. There is a huge demand from customers for reliable and protected engineering for Bangladesh’s advancement and progress. 

Hence, keeping protection in all elements, including manufacturing, office, healthcare, and other regions, is very important. 

In the entire world we are living in now, technologies is quite advanced, intricate and exists in lots of layers. It commonly consists of equally on-premises and cloud-based systems, organization-owned and personnel-owned equipment, and Internet of Things (IoT) units this kind of as cameras and industrial sensors. 

In this regard, it has grow to be necessary to stop damage to technologies belongings and details by making use of infrastructure security. A safe infrastructure is the foundation of any thriving company. Irrespective of whether it is a modest community of 3 desktops or a big community of three million personal computers, the goal is to maintain the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of info. For that reason, we involve correct security infrastructure to improve the improvement of Bangladesh in all sectors, commencing from schooling institutions to workplaces.

Technological know-how retains the ability of reworking our existing into a radiant upcoming. A single phase of the inhabitants, in particular, can enable us realize that future— the youth. Youthful folks depict an crucial human source, performing like brokers of social modify, financial growth, and development. 

When they are equipped with the needed skills, great wellbeing, and efficient options, they current an enormous opportunity to completely transform the potential of technologies. Nurturing technological innovation talents and startups can immediately assist Bangladesh turn into a ‘digital-first’ country.  

Past literacy and numeracy, equipping them with the proper digital and transferable capabilities like problem-resolving, critical contemplating, communications, and entrepreneurship will enable the county to make sizeable advancements in technological fields. Following all, we need to have experienced young people today to be successful as a country. 

We know that technological innovation can engage, join, and empower us to a good extent. Nevertheless, the driving concern we should really be inquiring is how effectively do we use the engineering that is out there to us to make improvements to what we do. Long term technological enhancement and sustainable advancement will depend on how we meet up with the requires of the present by creating the capability of long term generations. As windows of possibilities open up, we must start performing now.

Nuzhat Hayat Khan is a information specialist 

Disclaimer: The views and thoughts expressed in this posting are individuals of the author and do not automatically replicate the viewpoints and views of The Company Regular.


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