Pellet Stove Technology Advances

Pellet Stove Technology Advances : A pellet stove is a stove that uses biomass and waste plant material to burn and generate heat. The way it works is almost the same as a traditional wood stove. One big advantage comes from the way the fuel is made. It is in the form of small pellets that are added to a hopper that feeds fuel slowly and automatically to the roasting pan. It keeps a constant flame that can be controlled automatically and requires little adjustment.

During the Great Depression, braziers, barrel stoves and oil drums were often used while sawdust wood burning stoves also played an important role in this century. In the 1930s log pressure (a fuel made from sawdust collected from sawmills) was invented and resulted in the development of the pellet stove.

  • In the years since then stoves have progressed rapidly to where they now generally have a computer controlled thermostat and are much more efficient than wood stoves.
  • A typical pellet stove can hold as much as 50-60 lbs of ready-to-burn fuel, saving you the time and energy you would otherwise spend fiddling with a standard wood stove.
  • The pellets are sent to the burn pot as required.
  • In addition, modern stoves use small 3-4-inch diameter ventilation pipes that can flow directly through the wall without the need for a chimney so they can be installed almost anywhere.
  • Stoves use convection to circulate air and don’t overheat the room like a wood stove.

The pellet stove offers a number of other advantages. One of them is how to adapt it. The thermostat that I mentioned earlier can turn on and turn on the stove automatically. The stove computer chip can detect faults and other problems and is controlled by remote. The fuel burns completely and leaves almost no ash. And not only they can burn wood pellets but also, grains, wood chips, and corn.

This stove must be installed by a professional as it requires double-walled ventilation consisting of stainless steel and galvanized metal. Make sure your installer checks for possible leaks before you go back and enjoy the stove. As with many things, pellet stoves have come a long way, just make sure they are set up properly. Then watch your wallet grow fat from the money you don’t spend on expensive fossil fuels.

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