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IT security news is one way to help the public know what is happening over the internet and let them know how secure they are. Many people put some very personal data online without ever realizing it. Sometimes users go ahead and fill out certain documents such as name and date of birth without realizing that the site they are using may not be protected or secure enough to handle the information provided. Security records will tell them about software or online events they should be aware of.

Spyware Malicious Software

One of the topics of IT security news is Spyware. Spyware is a type of malware. Malware is a short term for malicious software. This software actually takes personal information from its owner without his knowledge. It is installed onto a computer and can collect information such as passwords and other data that it does not want to be shared with others such as bank account information, credit card numbers, and the like.

This malware also has the power to mess with the way your computer is programmed or run by inserting additional software, messing up connections, and even making your computer run slower. It can even find out how users are performing on their computers via adware.

Unfortunately, it is installed to the computer at the time the user actually installs or downloads the software he wants. When the user installs the software, the spyware will follow it for free and start logging personal information and details. Users should also be careful about installing free anti-virus or security software as spyware can masquerade as one of them.

More News

The Norton Cybercrime Report shares that a lot of money, $110 billion, is lost to cybercriminals on the web. 39% felt that they were hacked through malware and false information. Despite understanding the security rules on the Internet, there are still 40% of users who do not create strong passwords. However, many do not understand what modern technology does. There are 40% who don’t know how malware works and can do it in secret and another 55% don’t know how to tell if their computer is infected or not.

It is best to update with IT Security News. Technology and life over the internet are changing so fast that it is sometimes difficult to understand them all; One of the biggest priorities is practicing safety by ensuring that no one or anything can get into your files and personal information. Reading some security notes will empower your decision making over the internet and will keep you interested in what you share.

For more information on how you can protect yourself and your family, visit this link. Connecting and reading the IT Security News here will tell you what precautions you can take that will empower you while you are on the World Wide Web.


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